You or a loved one may have had an accident or serious illness. If so, you are likely to be worried and afraid. But don’t worry, the CGHMC Emergency Room specializes in the acute care of patients that need immediate treatment. Unlike a doctor’s office, you don’t need an appointment. But that means many people may need treatment at the same time. Patients are attended to based on the severity of illness; not on a first-come, first-served basis. They will be fitted with an ID bracelet, which they are required to wear at all times, and only one companion per patient is allowed inside the ER.

Out-Patient Consultation (24 hours, 7 days a week)

·         Suturing of Minor Injuries

·         NGT Insertion/Removal

·         Foley Catheter Insertion/Removal

·         IM/IV Injections

·         Vaccine Injections (anti-tetanus and anti-rabies only)

·         Removal of Sutures

·         Ungietomy Fee

·         Change/Cleaning of Colostomy Bag

·         Change/Removal of Tracheal Tube

·         Change of Wound Dressing

·         Suctioning of Patient (adult and pedia)

·         Debridement

·         Incision and Drainage (I and D)

·         Excision

·         Chest Tube Insertion

·         Thoracentesis

·         Closed Reduction of Fractures; Casting

·         Removal of Foreign Body (ear and nose)

·         Emergency Ultrasonic Nebulization (USN)

·         Clinic (Day)